Resolution renaming NW 7th Street


Coming February 23, 2021 that the Board of County Commissioners (“Board”) will consider the approval of a Resolution renaming NW 7th Street in the Broward Municipal Services District (“County Road”) after Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore at the meeting of the Board on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. B. MOTION TO DIRECT County Administrator to solicit the input of at least three local municipalities, homeowners’ associations, or other appropriate community groups of the Board’s proposal to rename the County Road after Harry T. and Harriette Moore, as required under Section 18.43(i) of the Broward County Administrative Code. (Commissioner Holness)

At 10:20pm, on a foggy December 25th in 1951, a bomb exploded under their small shotgun style home on the outskirts of Mims, Florida – directly under their bedroom. It was both Christmas day, and Harry and Harriette’s 25th wedding anniversary. 

Harry T. Moore died on his way to the hospital in Sanford, FL in a car being driven by his brother-in-law George Simms. Harriet’s death came 9 days later, just after saying final goodbyes to her husband at the mortuary.

The story of the Moores is one that is equal parts civil rights history, and a personal tale of love, commitment and family. Sadly, it is a story that has for decades receded into dim memory.  And yet the voices of these two pioneering leaders in the early struggle for civil rights call out through the decades not to be forgotten.

JD Jackson

JD Jackson is an Actor, Audiobook Narrator, Educator and devoted family man. He honed his craft at Temple University, where he received his MFA. He’s enjoyed success in the Film/Television industry, guest starring on such shows as House, ER, Law & Order, & Third Watch. He has won several awards for his audiobook narration, including several Earphones Awards, has been nominated for multiple Audie Awards including a nom for Best Male Narrator of the Year, and was recently inducted into Audiofile Magazine’s Golden Voices Hall of Fame. The Bomb Heard Around the World is a book on the lives and deaths of Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore. It is available in hardcover and has recently been published as an audiobook. JD Jackson is the acclaimed narrator chosen for the project.

Walter Shaw

Producer Walter T. Shaw, the founder of Top Cat II Productions has spent the last 4 years painstakingly chronicling and archiving the life and assassination of Harry and Harriette Moore, and now joins with playwright John DiDonna to bring this tale of affecting personal tragedy and poignant historical sacrifice to the stage with their new work “The Price for Freedom”. In bringing this story to life, it also serves to chronicle the beginnings of the NAACP in Florida, the case of the Groveland Four, as well as the very start of what we now know as the modern Civil Rights Movement.

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